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“Freshly receives new sign-ups every week and we always ensure we have new artists at every gig. So far we’ve showcased a great variety of music from folk to electro to acoustic hip-hop. If you hit play you can listen to some original songs from by local musicians.

Here is some information about some of the artists that play with us. We will change this regularly, so keep visiting this page for new profiles.

“It's just me & my guitar." The song was written as a way of saying something, through lyrics and a melody. It's a message to try and you'll be surprised how a person can give back.

Josh Monteath (words, guitars, vocals)

DAY JOB: University student, Dubai



/Josh Monteath Music


He began to gig the London scene starting off with open mic nights followed by gigs and festivals in and around London with his band Pedro VIII. Now in Dubai and back on the acoustic guitar.

Peter Martin (words, music, guitar, vocals)

DAY JOB: Software Sales Manager, Dubai



Born in February 2014 from a combination of Abu Dhabi, North Wales, London and Sheffield, Kudos By Proxy is an alt-folk-pop band from the founder of Freshly Ground Sounds, Izzy, and SJB.

Ismat Abidi (words, guitar, percussion, vocals)
Steven John Bond (bass, vocals & percussion)

DAY JOB: Lawyer & Journalists, Dubai

KUDOS BY PROXY / Birthday Candle



@ KudosByProxy

Physical Graffiti is a contemporary folk four-piece formed just over a year ago. The boys decided to record something new for the FGS EP. Using the first riff as a starting point, they built the rest of the song on top of about 4 hours.

Zubin Aroz (words, lead vocals, guitar)
Ankhur Chawak (vocals, guitar)
Darren Dharmai (bass)
Wafik Moussa (drums, percussion)

DAY JOB: Sound Engineering Students, Dubai

Physical Graffiti / The Outsider


/Physical Graffiti Music

@ Physical_Graff

Formed in 2009, Soundblock wrote "Forever Music Play" during summer vacations in August 2013. It reflects the feelings of happiness and wellness towards holidays, wandering places and eternity of music.

Denis Mankovsky (guitars, words and Bass)
Gabii Carnino (vocals, percussion)
David F.G (percussion)

DAY JOB: High School Students, Abu Dhabi

Soundblock / Forever Music Play


/Sound Block

@ SoundBlock

City Gates is a song about leaving home and the hope of one day returning to a better Beirut. Mariam's songs are inspired by cities and dreams, and everything in between.

Mariam Yakan (words, guitar, vocals)

DAY JOB: Graphic Designer, Dubai

Mariam Yakan / City Gates



@ mariamyakan