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Freshly would not be possible with out

certified fresh:

[rad-hl]The Roseleaf Cafe, Dubai[/rad-hl]

The first place that said “yes” to Freshly and is our home away from the Freshly stage. Their coffee is our favourite and the Roseleaf are the UAE’s most passionate supporters of independent music. Roseleaf took a chance on us and also sponsored our first EP available here, so we named it after them.

[rad-hl]Cafe Arabia, Abu Dhabi[/rad-hl]

Cafe Arabia were so supportive when we asked if we could bring Freshly to Abu Dhabi. They welcomed us to their rooftop and we put on a special sunset show. Since then, Cafe Arabia has opened its doors to other local music collectives and we like them even more for it. Their food is also pretty damn good.

[rad-hl]The Magazine Shop, Dubai[/rad-hl]

Our first Freshly gig was held on 27 November 2013 in The Magazine Shop’s DIFC branch. Their carefully curated independent magazine selection from all around the world are so unique and the staff are nothing but inspirational. The Magazine Shop continues to be a Freshly favourite venue.

[rad-hl]Dubai Garden Centre, Dubai[/rad-hl]

The Garden Centre is one of Freshly’s favourite places in Dubai. A hidden gem. Aside from the obvious things you’d expect at The Garden Centre, there’s a surprise in each corner of the space: a second-hand bookstore, a BBQ corner, The Roseleaf Cafe, a graphic design printer, an independent bike shop and yoga classes. The best surprise is if you walk out into the garden towards the back wall. You’ll find a Freshly stage which the incredible team behind Dubai Garden Centre helped Freshly set up for the love of music.

[rad-hl]The Archive, Dubai[/rad-hl]

The Archive let Freshly start a series of park gigs in the UAE for independent musicians and we always go back for the fantastic atmosphere and wonderful food.

Want to collaborate with us or have a Freshly pop-up gig at your event?

Get in touch at

Here are more venues and organisations that support Freshly Ground Sounds and independent music. Look out for our pop-up gigs at various events and venues around the UAE by following #FreshlyPoppedSounds

Certified Fresh and more collaborations:

The Archive | Café Arabia | MINI Middle East | AGMC | Brownbook | A4 Space | Al Serkal Avenue | Government of Dubai | SIKKA Art Fair | DIFC Art Night | Ayaam Gallery | JamJar | The Carton Magazine | The Magazine Shop | Gulf Music Festival | Radisson Blu Media City | DUST | White Cube | Rock Camp for Girls UAE | Wamli | Dubai Garden Centre | The Roseleaf Café | Dubai Art Season | Hype Magazine | Tom and Serg | Time Out Dubai | Time Out Abu Dhabi | Dubai Eye 103.8 FM | The Missing Slate Magazine | Explorer |  Peeta Planet -Social Travel Series | #MyDubai | #MyDubaiTrip | Capsule Arts and Alef Magazine  | MOSCOT | Palladium

Freshly would also like to thank those of you who got us up and running in our first 2013/2014 season: 

Tareq Khorsheed, the guy who makes everything sounds good. There’s no live Freshly music without him. The Roseleaf family, champions of independent music Leon Surnyt | Rose Zeini | Jibreel | Minnah

The Bearded Trio: recorded, mixed & mastered our first EP release | Ankhurr Chawaak | Darren Dharmai | Zubin Aroz

The Freshly family who have help carry, draw, donate, promote things and keep everything running smoothly: Neel Kumar | Steven John Bond | Zubin Aroz | Darren Dharmai | Ankhurr Chawaak | Fatima El Malki | Ula Hudowska

Our first musicians who enthusiastically played with us and signed up in our first season: Sach Holden | Mariam Yakan | Floetics | Craig Perry | Izzy Abidi | Turay TT | Sherif Al Maghraby | Josh Monteath | Ehsan Ashrafi | SoulNidus | Nora B | JJ | Physical Graffiti | Red House | Matthew Serpico | Moh Flow | William Mullally | Neel Kumar | Healer Twins | Sound Block | Kurush Pawar | SJB | Jim Maddock | Peter Martin | Anushka | Anant | Kyle McEneaney | David Beats Goliath | George Driscoll | Chad Goldsworthy | Hermano | Sara Aridi

Avid Freshly Fans, who have dontaed their time and talent and played a notable part in supporting our success:

Laurent Frangie | Kevin Sebastian | Waleed Shah | Rooman Latif | Kimberly Tennille | Beth Hopper | Kamal Rasool | Lucy Taylor | Zahra Soar | Noush Like Sploosh | Hareth Al Bustani | Razan Al Zayani | Laura Coughlin | Dina Ghandour| Richelle Marie Villar | Monisha Jeyaraman | Dina Sami | Jade George

…and finally, you music-loving, coffee-drinking, feet-tapping Freshly fans who keep turning up in your hundreds, always so welcoming and supportive to all our local independent talent.